Friday, April 9, 2010

PMW v2.0.886 Unveiled

The newer version of PMW, version 2.0.886 is available for download on sourceforge.
This release would not have been possible without some people, who tried pre release version gave feedback or helped by some other mean.

Key feature of this release are:
1. Remember priority: Make sure that your applications "Always" runs on the same priority that you want. Tell PMW once and then it will remember for you.
2. Multilingual: Now users themself can translate PMW into their own language
3. Kill hanged application from tray menu
4. Kill All : Attempt to Kill all foreground process except "Explorer".
5. Shortcuts for all operations. ( Win+Z is the boss key)
6. Autoupdate ( it doesn't pops up in every second second like others LOL )

For more detail on what feature are in there check the Product home page.
Geeks can check the ChangeLog.
With this version of PMW you can play lots of tweak, I will keep posting
Some of those on this blog on almost every weekend  for next two months.
See Also : PMW menus on Windows 7 How?  ,  fun with PMW.

Download PMW
Download PMW 2.0.886 Installer  (392 KB, Recommended for most user)
Download PMW 2.0.886 Portable  (240KB, Recommended for Advance user)
Download PAD File(Installer) ( meant only for Software Publishers)
Download PAD File(Portable) ( meant only for Software Publishers)

Download/View PMW DEMO
or watch low quality demo  in this post itself.
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