Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Getting Power of PMW System Menu on Windows 7

Windows 7 has introduced the concept of Jump list and removed the old system menu.
But  you can get the old standard system menu (XP, Vista style) using Rammichael's
7 Taskbar tweaker

Please note that right clicking on title bar of any application, and
right click on taskbar thumbnail preview still gives the old style system menu with PMW menu injected ;).

I hope that in next version of PMW I will be able to give following two options to Windows 7 users.
1.  Inject PMW system menu into Jump list.
2. Allow user to disable Jump list and  show standard system menu.

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1 comment:

m said...

There is a nice windows built in shortcut for that menu: alt + space

u can get there faster now :)