Saturday, July 4, 2009

PMW next version under construction...

Last couple of weekends, I am working on next version of PMW.
Done with the refactoring and now trying to internationalize it.
Once I am done with Internationalization will ask PMW users to provide
me the all PMW Strings ( Kill, Hide me, Hide Others, etc) in their native language,
So i can ship PMW 's next version i nyour language.

As per current plan ( which may change), user would be able to add any new language
by adding a new language file into [PMW installation directory]\languages\
Format of that file will be quite simple (XML, Unicode 16 ), user can actually make a copy of
English.xml as German.xml and edit it. and PMW will recorgnize that.

User would be able to change the Language at runtime, from
PMW Tray context menu->Language menu.

Hope this intended workflow will work.
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