Monday, January 5, 2009

Process Manager For Windows 1.6.192 "Ease your control over foreground processes and windows"

This new version of PMW brings following features to you...

New features  in this release.
a) Always on top.
b) Hide me    [windows 2000/Windows XP/Windows server 2003 only]
c) Hide Others [windows 2000/Windows XP/Windows server 2003 only]
d) Hide All
e) UnHide All
f) Unhide( one application)
g) Minimize to system tray
h) Transparency
i) Hide PMW's tray icon [windows 2000/Windows XP/Windows server 2003 only]
j) Preferences
k) A new installer (clean and fast)

Download PMW v1.6 Installer 100 KB (Recommended).
Download PMW v1.6 Portable 46 KB (No Installer, for Advance users)

PMW Screenshots ( click to enlarge them)

Thanks to all prerelease users who gave their valuable feedbacks during and before Christmas holidays. 

How Much?

Although PMW is free and will remain free, but please consider donating  2-5 USD to 
feed hungry children.  You can also feed them without having to pay just by one click Visit 
for every single click they get money which provides food for  hungry children. ( Bhookh means Hunger)   

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Matt said...

Great work Arif - I've been looking forward to this release. PMW is now well on the way to replacing some of the more bloated utilities I run to make my life easier, and improves on them!

I like the fact that we can now choose to hide the PMW tray icon - it would be good to also have a "Hide at Startup" option, so not to have to do this manually on a reboot.

Additionally it was also me who suggested on the SF page that you assign keyboard shortcuts to some of the functions like "Hide" and "Minimize to Tray", for mouse gesture users like myself (and also those who use the KB a lot!). Mind you - I have no idea if this is possible... I'm not a programmer!

In my opinion, good software is that which gives the user as many options as possible, while minimizing the bloat! It's a tricky balancing act, but so far you're software has done it! keep up the good work!

Arif Ali Saiyed said...

Thanks for your comment,

If you see preferences dialog,
the last option

"Add PMW icon in tray on startup"
does exactly what you have asked for.

Do drop me an email at

and I will include you in the list of prerelease users.

Shantanu Kumar said...

Definitely a big release over the previous version (with such a tiny footprint). Really cool!

One suggestion: I would like to earmark applications like AOL Messenger, Miro or Yahoo Messenger that start automatically on system startup, to start in system tray when they do. Though when I start them manually they should appear on the desktop.

Arif Ali Saiyed said...

@Shantanu Kumar.
Thx for your comment.

Yeah most of the chatting apps( YAhoo,Gtalk,AOL) starts on startup that on you face, it would really make sense if they are launched minimized to tray.

Thanks for suggestion

Will try to that in future may not be in next release but later,

Shantanu Kumar said...

Another suggestion - I want to be able to access the PMW menu when I right click on the title bar of the application(window).

Again, not sure if that is possible to implement - it would be a cool feature though. For example, I am watching a series of podcasts and suddenly I want to keep the window always on top - it should be accessible by simply right clicking the title bar rather than right clicking it in the task bar.

Arif Ali Saiyed said...

@Shantanu Kumar
Hey that's already there in PMW.
but there is a minor bug,
Bug is: If application was launched after PMW's launch, PMW menu doesn't appear on first right click in in titlebar ( in subsequent click it will).

try right clicking again on the titilebar, it will appear in second click onwards...

Will be fixing that bug whenever i update PMW next time.

polyGeek said...

Process Manager is the sort of app that should be rolled into Windows. Actually, it reminds me a lot of the apps in TweakUI that users can add onto their WinOS. Here's to hoping that Microsoft buys this little app from you for a few million! :)

Keep up the great work.

Arif Ali Saiyed said...


That was great encouragement,
this what keeps me motivating
to enhance this tiny utility.

Mark said...

Good little tool. Thank you. I like little tools. When I was in university, some friends and I would have contests to see who could write the most efficient code.

1. Add buttons on the window frame (top R, to the left of minimize button) for minimize to tray and always on top (Kill is too dangerous in case that button was accidentally pressed).
2. Add an option to display the memory and cpu usage for the app, either a snapshot or a separate little window that would update every second. Just %cpu and memory for the app, like Task Manager, not all detailed like the SysInternals stuff. (Would be really cool if the window could be automatically placed above an empty space in the window's title bar with a mostly transaparent background; or even maybe just update the window title, append text like " [4% 588 MB]". Add a decimal for memory if it is below a certain size, like 50 MB.)
3. Why is "Add PMW icon in tray on startup" greyed out? It is selected but greyed out. Why can't I deselect it?

I have Vista x64 BTW.

Hope those comments are useful.

Arif Ali Saiyed said...

Hi Mark thanks for your comment.
1. Adding buttons to title bar,
this is already there in the
list of upcoming feature, I
will make them configurable as
well like PMW menus, an will
keep Kill invisible by default.

2. that's a good idea will keep
that in mind for future.

3. Yeah that's limitation with
Vista for now, in next
version this limitation will
not be there.

Stranger said...

Super nice little proggy - Eould be sweet if the next version would have programmeable shotcuts incorporated. Ie. make your own shortcuts for "hide all" and unhide again etc.

pax.amerikana said...

You have created a great application that should come with every WindowsOS. Small footprint, many options, and it WORKS! Great job. Oh yeah, I found you via Lifehacker. Thank you again.

Anonymous said...

Thnx to the blogger's meet, I got to see a live demo of this tool! 'l keep u posted about my experiences with it!

Admin said...

Extremely classic Aarif. As promised I have added a link in my "download" section to route interesting users to your blog.

You can see the same there and if any changed required, please inform me.

Thanks, Sherin

Eric said...

Great program. Transparency feature is a nice touch.

For some reason the Request Feature URL isn't loading.

I would like to see "Restart" as a feature. Common usage would to restart, say, Firefox.


Arif Ali Saiyed said...

@Hi Eric,
Thanks for appreciation.
1. Sometime Sourceforge site do not response and takes longer to respond ,
because of which it's not opening Request feature page, It's opening @ my desk though, may be you should try after soem time.

2. About Restart, I suggest that
that operation logically doesn't
fall under scope of PMW, one can
Kill the App and restart it again
by clicking on the shortcut in
Quick Launch Bar.

Let me know if you have more ideas which can improve PMW

mach said...

nice app !!! works great on my French Windows XP 32 bits

Is there a way to call the dll to hide automatically some app via another process ?,

and if so, what would be the name of the function to call, and the parameters name and type

Anonymous said...

Great tool! Unfortunately, I'm having problem hiding any CMD window (herefore batched programs)....which is the purpose of me installing the tool