Monday, January 19, 2009

PMW 1.6.218 [Non-English] Released.

Hi People,
PMW v1.6.192 had one bug on Non-English operating systems,
I had thought to fix that in April-May 2009, when I was planning to come up with new release.
But no of increasing request ( rather I should say no of abuse ;) , were growing to fix that.

So I fixed it and released a new version.
I request All English Operating system users to stick to PMW v1.6.192 only...

Download PMW 1.6.218 Installer[Non-English] [recommended]
Download PMW 1.6.218 Direct run exe[Non-English] [For Advance user] Sphere: Related Content


Anonymous said...

now i know where to come wen i wanna know anything about Windows :) thanks for the visit on my blog..

superaktieboy said...

i can translate PMW for you to dutch.. contact me at superaktieboy [ - at - ] gmail [ - dot - ] com

gcG said...

PMW doesnt work with "dos" windows, you cant kill the windows, hide it, nor set transparency.
The only way to hide it, is by click "hide all", then one by one unhide all windows but the "dos" one.
Cloud you fix it please?

Well, thank you for now, it is in fact a great program, congrats. :D

Arif Ali Saiyed said...


Hey Thanks for trying PMW,
Yes that's a known issue, i myself have logged a bug on sourceforge.

Never knew anybody would want me to fix that, I will surely investigate on it and try to fix that in next release.

I wish you had left you email id, so that i could inform you once it's fixed

gcG said...

I read on lifehacker.

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Nice piece of s/w there Arif.. Hwever I still wish ppl in India could switch more toward Open Source OS like Ubuntu where nothing is hidden from rightful user. Just ps +option and all services at your command...:)I also like making Open source projects (very rare case in indore :)).. recently made one for IIT biotech dept(in python).. on Launchpad now...
I heard u were in Indore recently.. Couldn't attend the meet due to exams.. :(
Dheeraj Suthar
aka Sher Khan