Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Process Manager for Windows v 1.6.x is about to release during Chritmas holidays

New release of PMW ready and under going through testing. expected date of release could be anytime during Christmas holidays.

Features of this release are

  1. Always on top: Watch movie while coding or browsing;)
  2. Hide : Hide any application, thjis will remove application from task bar they will not be visible even on Alt+Tab , Only way to bring them back will right clicking on the PM icon in tray, there will be a pop menu "Unhide", select the app u want to Unhide.
  3. Hide Others : This option will hide all other applications other than the window from your right clicked and said "Hide others"
  4. Minimize to system tray
  5. Transparency
  6. Hide PM's tray icon (you can restore it back, how that you will get to know after release).
  7. Preferences : this will let you select which menu's you want to see and which menu you don't want to, for example I do not use transparency and minimize to tray but it did on public demand, so if I want I can turn off these two options.
  8. A new installer (clean and fast).

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