Wednesday, November 16, 2011

PMW is looking developers

Are you programmer ?

Are you enthusiast about developing a tool that's part of many people's day to
day work?

Are you enthusiast about developing a multilingual app that has been translated into more than 10 languages ( and still counting, users them self translates and uploads the language files)?

How does it feel to you, when more than 1,00,000 people across the globe from different countries use the tool that you develop ?

Do you want to be part of a project that has been reviewed/talked about by dozens of blogs

Do you wants to receive few e-mails  of appreciation e-mails every month, from people of different geographical locations? 

If yes then this is for you? 

PMW has been an open source project but so far I was the alone developer,
but due to increased responsibility in my personnel life i have not been able to spare time for development.

Sometimes you are enthusiast about doing something, but still can not do it due to lack of time, I have reached that stage if we talk about development of PMW, I still have so many features in the mind that I want to add to PMW(especially for Win7) and in fact have plans about how will they get implemented, but unfortunately not getting time, and hence I am looking out for some enthusiast developers who want to contribute to this 'tiny yet useful tool'.  

When I began  this back in early 2007 I was a happy bachelor :o), and  in 2007 itself i got married, even after that I continued to contribute to PMW,  In 2009 I became proud Dad but still I continued to contribute to PMW, but now I am falling short of time, 24 hours day feels too short. Perhaps I should be back after 2-3 years as developer but currently it looks difficult to contribute as developer but I can still contribute as mentor to new devs/ as admin.

I keep getting e-mails from many PMW enthusiast, who keep sending language file after translating PMW into their native language,  I love to see that enthusiasm and that kind of user base, this kind of enthusiast user base is what kept me moving for so long, and this the reason why I do not want to shut down this product and instead want to just change my role.

I had been thinking of writing this post from few months, and I knew I will get criticized a lot by PMW users for pulling off, but folks I am not stepping back,  I hope there will be some enthusiast developers who will come forward and I will explain them the code base and continue to be in touch with them through online meetings,  mentor them initially and I hope PMW will keep rolling. 

Today when I got comments on my other blog from  k a l a m b o n g "What happen to your ProcessPriority project?" I thought I should make this post today.
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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Changed BOSS KEY to Ctrl+Windows+Alt easy to press isn't it?

I received couple of request asking for 
1. Customizable shortcuts,
2. Option to turn on /off shortcut , 
3. To change shortcuts as it's already colliding with Windows 7 shortcut.
Customizable shortcut, I am working on it.
the other two request I have addressed now in PMW 2.1.920.
View the ChangeLog for more detail.
Download PMW 2.1.920 Installer (Recommended for Normal user).
Download Portable PMW 2.1.920 (for Advance user).

Please follow me on Twitter to remain updated about changes in PMW.
BTW how many of you noticed my son's picture in PMW 2.0 and 2.1?
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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Getting Power of PMW System Menu on Windows 7

Windows 7 has introduced the concept of Jump list and removed the old system menu.
But  you can get the old standard system menu (XP, Vista style) using Rammichael's
7 Taskbar tweaker

Please note that right clicking on title bar of any application, and
right click on taskbar thumbnail preview still gives the old style system menu with PMW menu injected ;).

I hope that in next version of PMW I will be able to give following two options to Windows 7 users.
1.  Inject PMW system menu into Jump list.
2. Allow user to disable Jump list and  show standard system menu.

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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Having fun with PMW 2.0.886

I have seen many people clicking show desktop icon in quick launch. and then right clicking on desktop at different  different places and clicking refresh... why  ? for no reason ...just for time pass ;) fun.

Using PMW also you can do the same ( the timepass ;) fun )
1. Select any application and press Windows Key hold it and then press Left/Right Arrow ;)
2. Click any desktop icon and press Windows+Z ( the Boss Key)  and see the magic ;)
    ( right click on tray icon and say Unhide) Sphere: Related Content

6 Simple steps to translate PMW into your language

It's very east. check out the 6 step guide Sphere: Related Content

Friday, April 9, 2010

PMW v2.0.886 Unveiled

The newer version of PMW, version 2.0.886 is available for download on sourceforge.
This release would not have been possible without some people, who tried pre release version gave feedback or helped by some other mean.

Key feature of this release are:
1. Remember priority: Make sure that your applications "Always" runs on the same priority that you want. Tell PMW once and then it will remember for you.
2. Multilingual: Now users themself can translate PMW into their own language
3. Kill hanged application from tray menu
4. Kill All : Attempt to Kill all foreground process except "Explorer".
5. Shortcuts for all operations. ( Win+Z is the boss key)
6. Autoupdate ( it doesn't pops up in every second second like others LOL )

For more detail on what feature are in there check the Product home page.
Geeks can check the ChangeLog.
With this version of PMW you can play lots of tweak, I will keep posting
Some of those on this blog on almost every weekend  for next two months.
See Also : PMW menus on Windows 7 How?  ,  fun with PMW.

Download PMW
Download PMW 2.0.886 Installer  (392 KB, Recommended for most user)
Download PMW 2.0.886 Portable  (240KB, Recommended for Advance user)
Download PAD File(Installer) ( meant only for Software Publishers)
Download PAD File(Portable) ( meant only for Software Publishers)

Download/View PMW DEMO
or watch low quality demo  in this post itself.
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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Almost there !!! Do you want to try the prerelease version of PMW 2.0

Hi All,
Here is a good news, after more than one year a newer version of PMW is 'almost' ready and I invite you all to please try the prerelease version, and since it now internationalized I also need your help in localizing it in your own native language. Please leave your email id here with message that you would want to try the prerelase version (or would want to help in localization), and I will contact you soon.This upcoming release includes following features, 

  1. Internationalization: All the strings are now read from a language file (XML file), so users them self can localize it. user can have multiple language file and change the language on the fly.
  2. Auto Update: Now with new version, user will get to know when newer version is available, and will be able to upgrade to newer version.
  3. Portable version (too): Newer version will be truly portable version, so that user can take it with them in USB Thumb drive and use it where they go.
  4. Remember Priority: Now user will be able save priority of all application If they are launched next time...they will be launched with remembered priority...
  5. Kill and Kill All menu in context menu of try : Now user will be able to kill application from PMW's tray menu too... this has been asked by many users in past...
  6. Configurable tray Menu: Users will be able decide which menus to keep.
  7. Shortcuts : Now all system menu operations have shortcuts..
  8. A new UI: little better than earilier version.

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